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Eco Warrior Shampoo Bar

I’ve been trying lots of shampoo bars recently but I think some were actually soap so found them very drying. When I picked up this bar (available at sainsbury’s) I was pleasantly surprised. It was less drying, foams up loads and smells great. It does contain “sustainable palm oil”, which I’m generally a bit skepticalContinue reading “Eco Warrior Shampoo Bar”

Crochet Animals

Since the UK went into lockdown last year (A whole year? Weeping inside) I have had to find some alternative activities to keep me occupied while I wasn’t allowed outside. When I was a kid I learnt how to crochet, but I had never made anything more complicated than a blanket, so I thought I’dContinue reading “Crochet Animals”

A half-formed thought

I was doing ok today, until I browsed Instagram and saw that 3 separate accounts had posted photos of places I had been on my travels. Suddenly, I got emotional. In those places I felt light, free and full of potential. But now I feel weighed down with grief for what is lost That myContinue reading “A half-formed thought”

My Mate Dave

I have done a few posts on my journey into paragliding… First flights / Club Pilot / Dune Du Pilat / Oludeniz …but for this post I wanted to talk about how instrumental my mate Dave has been in my paragliding progression. I didn’t know what paragliding was until Dave started flying View this postContinue reading “My Mate Dave”

Human Built Ecosystems

A collection of videos about rejuvenating the planet

AONB: Tamar Valley

16km Paddleboard trip down the Tamar Valley

Getting back on the Board

The day after the hospital doctor cleared me to try riding, I gave it a go. I was feeling pretty good, my knee hadnt given me issues in a while, I could basically get it straight. I could stand on one leg and do single leg squats (not many but some), surely riding would beContinue reading “Getting back on the Board”

Japanese Waste

One of the interesting thing I find when I go to other countries is to compare how they go about their day-to-day lives differently to home and to see if there is anything we can learn. Japan has one of the most extensive recycling systems in the world, but it also varies by prefecture andContinue reading “Japanese Waste”

Sustainable Snow Gear

While it seems simple enough to use natural fibres in your casual wear, technical outdoor performance wear has always been full of man-made materials and plastics, and that’s before we talk about how anything is made waterproof. Thankfully, brands are now stepping up to the challenge of producing technical wear out of recycled or alternativeContinue reading “Sustainable Snow Gear”

Crash Course: Poverty

Why are some people richer than others? Learning resources to start a discussion

Netflix Documentaries

The films and shows I have been watching to learn more about human’s environmental impact

Video Editing Tips

6 simple steps for creating a great home video for free

lost muscle regain strength

Muscle Atrophy

I knew that being inactive for 3 weeks would make me weaker but the pain has been much more in the forefront of my mind than any potential atrophy.

First Trip to Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a massive clash between two very different worlds. Despite being only a very small town, the population is almost entirely 2 types: Brits abroad looking for the all inclusive beach package, and those who get bored really easily and are trying to get as many runs as possible throwing themselves off the topContinue reading “First Trip to Oludeniz”


Before I went to Slovenia I thought of it as the gateway to Eastern Europe, but in reality it is so much more than that. This small country has been in the EU since 2004, so is not that different to it’s surounding countries of Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. What this small country doesContinue reading “Slovenia”

Durmitor National Park

This UNESCO national parkĀ  in the north west of Montenegro is little heard of in the UK, but if you’re looking for somewhere new to go then this is a fabulous place that is definitely worth exploring. Zabljak is the nearest town and has everything you could need, a few restaurants, hostels, hotels and aContinue reading “Durmitor National Park”

Review: Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

Heart warming story about how she got off the couch and gave it a go, eventually progressing to running distance races. Honest and not sugarcoated but told with humour and humility. Will get you digging out your trainers. 4*

Review: I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

Must read for anyone who is unsure what is/was going on in Afghanistan. The basics of the conflict are explained in simple terms from Malala’s point of view as a child in the country during the conflict. Relatable, empathy inducing, inspirational. 5*

Review: The Sellout by Paul Beatty

The plot doesn’t go where you expect it to after the first chapter. Entertaining, confusing and eyebrow raising read. Not for the PC police. 4*

Tips for Border Crossings

Over the past few months I’ve crossed a fair few borders, many of which were outside the EU zone. For the most part they have gone pretty smoothly, but there have been a few things I have learnt or heard from others to keep in mind. 1. Cross borders during office opening hours This meansContinue reading “Tips for Border Crossings”

Review: Checking Out by Nick Spalding

I literally laughed out loud. I cried real tears. The first chapter is a red herring; it cleans up it’s act, I promise šŸ˜‰ 5*

The Fear

I have never felt fear like it. Not nervousness about going to a party or running away from a spider. Gut-wrenching, wretch-inducing, sweaty everywhere, can’t listen to anyone else’s inane chatter, curling up in a ball and hiding to putt off the inevitable. In Turkey I learnt to do Full Stalls and Spins on myContinue reading “The Fear”

Return to Art

I didn’t do art GCSE. I had too many other things I wanted to do at the time and couldn’t make it fit my timetable, but I did do it in 6th form. Looking back I realise that what I worked on was all pretty superficial. There wasn’t really some great inspiration that was drivingContinue reading “Return to Art”

Everything Smells

Unfortunately the title is literal. Before I went on my break back home I forgot to empty the fridge in the van. I thought it would be fine, everything was contained (milk, yogurt etc), but I was wrong. I forgot about the butter. The butter that I had left in the top of the doorContinue reading “Everything Smells”

Review: The Power by Naomi Alderman

Contemplates what would happen to society if the power suddenly shifted from the men to the women. Doesn’t go the way you might think. Gripping, with obvious potential as a tv series. 4*

Review: Your Pace or Mine by Lisa Jackson

Amusing and light hearted galavant through Lisa’s personal running journey, with all the laughs and tears along the road. Inspiring you to ditch the excuses and give running a go regardless of the naysayers, whether real or imaginary, she gives practical advice and proves that everyone starts somewhere. 4*

Andorra (and Spain)

When Adam came to visit we had already decided we were going to go to Andorra because I’d found the Tourist Information App that showed loads of different outdoor activity spots. It was however a longer drive to Toulouse Airport than I had envisaged so we wanted to do more than we had time for-Continue reading “Andorra (and Spain)”


So I have a grand total of 4 days between Morocco and leaving the country for 5 months. Probably should have left longer. I kinda just needed to sleep! Having packed up all the equipment before I had gone, there was only ‘last minute things’ to pack. Turns out there is a lot more thanContinue reading “Packing”

Review: The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama

Lovely account/ interview full of advice from the Dalai Lama and Desmund Tutu who are great friends and full of laughter. The world needs more compassion and this book leaves you with a warm heart and some practical meditations to allow you to implement it. Must read 5*

New Directions

Hello! Just to let you know why there are new posts going up that aren’t necessarily directly related to my adventures! Part of my goals for this trip is to explore my more creative side that has been parked since school in favour of sciences. I used to love art and music but the veryContinue reading “New Directions”

Kitesurfing in Morocco

I have joined Blast Kiteboarding for their annual 2 week trip to Essaouira in Morocco to try and remind myself how to kite and get my confidence back before I set out on my roadtrip. As guests of Explora, we had access to beach-side storage which made logistics much easier and also they were onContinue reading “Kitesurfing in Morocco”

Technical Issues

Hi everybody! Sorry it has been ages since I have posted anything and you haven’t heard anything since I have been on my road trip. I haven’t been able to charge my laptop so found it too difficult to post. I’m so sorry and will try and catch you up with everything! So the problemContinue reading “Technical Issues”

Review: Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff

Energetic and emotional journey running the length of New Zealand. It inspires you to pick up your trainers and go, but to run that far with such weight is testament to the lady herself. Incredibly engaging must read. 5*

Club Pilot

Summary of the Club Pilot Course and summary video of EP and CP.

Learning to Fly

Not going to lie, the weather forecast wasn’t looking great as I prepared for my trip to Algodonales. So why am I going to this tiny town in Spain? To learn to Paraglide! Since visiting Gerlitzen a couple of years ago, I have wanted to travel Europe and learn to fly for myself, but havingContinue reading “Learning to Fly”

Loch Sween

My sabbatical has finally started and first on the agenda was a trip up to the West Coast of Scotland for my friend’s 30th Birthday. A two day drive up from Bristol and the loch side on the road side was looking pretty grey and gloomy but the further west we went away from Glasgow,Continue reading “Loch Sween”

The Countdown Begins

I’m excited and nervous all in the same breath. Yesterday was my last day of work so now it is countdown to leaving time. The main problem is that I ended up talking about my plans to so many people and there were basically 2 types of reaction. “Wow your so brave I could neverContinue reading “The Countdown Begins”

Custom paint van

Here comes Vanlife!

Introducing my campervan and its new custom mural paintwork, as well as the big adventures planned for 2018

Snowden in the snow

Had a fun little weekend up in North Wales this week for a friend’s birthday. On Saturday we intended to hike Snowden from the miners trail, but aware of the forecast we decided this route would be best because if conditions were against us it would still be a nice walk even without sumitting. UnfortinatelyContinue reading “Snowden in the snow”


This week I have been on a mental health first aid course. It was really interesting and while I had a reasonable understanding of the conditions before, I definitely know more about it now. Having suffered with anxiety and depression before, I can empathise completely with the helplessness a person feels when afflicted and itContinue reading “Misunderstood”

Cairngorm 4000s

  The Cairngorms are the mountain range south of Inverness in Scotland. I was in Scotland for 2 weeks doing various things, including Paddleboarding the Great Glen, but I’m going to restrain this post to my hiking adventures. I’d never stayed in a Bothy, so I decided I would go and find one. I hadContinue reading “Cairngorm 4000s”


Amazing time at snowboarding camp in whistler


In May IĀ completed a 100 mile cycle from Cardiff to Tenby. Gorgeous day, we knew we’d be slow so set off an hour early. Such lovely camaraderie from all the others doing it. Considering I’d done no training, I was still feeling suprisingly OK by Swansea and was looking forward to the finish when theContinue reading “CarTen100”

Ditching Meat

So there is lots more CO2 that goes into the production of meat compared to veg. This is mostly in transport: farm-slaughter-butcher-shop compared to field-distributer-shop but also in the production of food for the animals and we don’t need to talk about the methane they emit too! I am pretty much a carnivore though soContinue reading “Ditching Meat”

The Wails of Whales

The recent story about the whales beaching in New Zealand has got to me a bit this weekend. No-one knows what causes them to beach but there are a number of theories out there, from suicide to the Benz. What I find astonishing, is that there are a few cases where whale beaching have happenedContinue reading “The Wails of Whales”

Taking Control

Hi everyone! Up until now I’ve been a pretty rubbish blogger. Hardly any posts and all so long after they actually happened that some of the high at the time had worn off. This year though, I’m taking control. I have evaluated what I enjoy in life, what I’m passionate about, and as a resultContinue reading “Taking Control”


Still catching up from an awesome summer, this is just a little post on Gerlitzen, Austria, where I spent a week at the end of July. This area is really well used by Paragliders as there is a ski lift and a season ticket isn’t too expensive. But the main appeal is the altitude thatContinue reading “Gerlitzen”

Trekking & Trade Winds is now on Social Media

Just a quick one today to let you know about my social media accounts, which will keep you up to date with my baby adventures. Hopefully you’ll see something that sparks your own adventures! Instagram @trektradewinds Twitter @trektradewind I set them up in the wrong order I think and they have different character limits!

Costa Rica

The most amazing wildlife and scenery! This was the first solo trip outside of Europe so was a little nervous when I set out, but then the practicalities of getting yourself where you need to be on time for flights distracted me enough that I didn’t really think about it until I was on theContinue reading “Costa Rica”

Serre Chevalier

Just got back from a week snowboarding in Serre Chevalier Valee. This is a little known resort made up of 4 main villages. All the staff know english and some of the bar staff were english, but we very rarely heard anyone on the slopes. Which was fantastic, because getting around and ordering food etcContinue reading “Serre Chevalier”


I did not spend enough timeĀ in Brussels so this is in no way a thorough account and I absolutely want to go back!Ā I arrived about lunchtime and my train back to the UK was at 7pm. When I got there lunch was highest on my agenda so I wandered in a popular looking direction awayContinue reading “Brussels”


So I left Ghent at lunchtime and having been a little overexcited about riding on a double decker train for the first time, I arrived at Antwerp station an hour later. The station is an amazing building; it’s nice that the extension has been done in a very modern style so it doesn’t detract fromContinue reading “Antwerp”


Less busy than Bruges with similar architecture


Hello & Welcome! I am looking forward to 2016 massively! In March I am going to Costa Rica and in May I have a weekend in Amsterdam booked to make the most of the UK bank holidays. Posts about these trips will be winding there way onto here in due course. In the meantime, I’mContinue reading “Welcome”

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