I’m Helen and I’m writing this a little before the start of 2016. 

I’m the wrong side of 25 and realised that I have stayed in my comfort zone for the last few years, not experiencing half the things I wanted to.

So you are my New Year’s Resolution! Along with travelling more, trusting in myself and doing all the things I thought I was going to have done by now.

When I was younger I wanted to do all this stuff but was waiting for someone to come with me. Well life is too short to wait anymore and I have taken matters into my own hands! 

I like exploring, whether that wandering around a city with gorgeous architecture or climbing a mountain. I haven’t kited in way too long and intend to take my kit with me on some of my travels and maybe make it past the level of “just about competent”! So there will be some beach reviews snuck in here amongst the more general travel stuff.

I’m going to try and not tell you everything because that would defeat the point in you going yourselves. Life is an adventure and not having expectations is a wonderfully liberating thing!


All photos and opinions are my own. Please cite this blog if using the images. I have not received incentives to mention places or activities in this blog.