Welcome to Trekking and Tradewinds!

The aim here is to encourage you to get out in nature, push your boundaries and reduce your everyday environmental impact.

You might be thinking that you could reduce your impact more by staying at home, but the great outdoors is so valuable to mental and physical health and it also fosters a greater appreciation of the environment that we are trying to protect. So whether you can only make it to your local park, or you fancy climbing mountains, get out there!

What started as a personal blog back in 2015 is now transitioning to be a resource. The blog is still here, under latest posts, but I wanted the content to be more easily discoverable, rather than disappearing down a scrolling black-hole.

If you are looking for inspiration look at the Outdoor tab, here you can see my adventures filtered by activity.

Creative is the area that stores my various forays into art, from photography to drawing, while it is limited at the moment, it is a work in progress.

The area I am most excited about at the moment is Review. Here I am putting up links to resources that are thought-provoking or inspirational in relation to sustainability, both social and environmental, as well as reviewing eco-products that I am trying out as I transition to a natural and plastic-free lifestyle. The books section is a little less prescriptive and includes fiction too, but I am limiting my reviews to just 3 sentences and a score out of 5 so there are no spoilers! With this section I want to provide you with information that will help you form your own judgements. I don’t want to tell you exactly which product to use or how to live your life because everyone has different constraints, but I would like to curate an information hub so you can make your own informed decisions. Ultimately this planet won’t be inhabitable in a very short period of time if we continue to live as we do, but the transition can be overwhelming, so hopefully, the website will help to clarify your resolve and encourage you to take the little steps to make eco-friendly a habit.