Review: Faith in Nature Conditioner

So I literally just tried this conditioner, having left all of my toiletries in the van in Croatia while on my brief break back home and having to buy new as neither my mother or boyfriend have any I can borrow a bit of.

First impressions squeezing it out of the bottle: it smells awesome! I am trialling the Grapefruit and Orange variety, which sounds like it should be a vivid orange colour but it’s not, its kind of avocado looking- which to me just says its more natural!

I would like the potion to be a little thicker just to prevent accidentally flicking it all over the shower, but it penetrated my thick mass of hair really well (so well that I felt like I’d lost it and ended up going for a second squeeze).

Good detangling power, even without brushing before the shower, and as I sit here writing this it still smells fab and feels smooth and silky while it’s damp. Once dry my hair is super easy to manage and just what I was hoping for.

The bottles are a pretty usual size, but would benefit from a wider lid to be able to turn it upside down when you’re running low. A great thing about Faith in Nature is that they also do refills! You might have a to hunt around a little to find your local independent health food/ plastic free shop that stocks it, but then you don’t have to buy a new bottle every time you run out of contents!

Price Comparison

My benchmark because it’s what I used to use: Herbal Essences, Treseme and Pantene are all in the region of 50-80p/100ml in Tesco.

Faith in Nature is £1.38/100ml in Holland and Barrett, so as expected it is more expensive, but not by a ridiculous amount so the switch is attainable. I haven’t investigated the price of refill only yet.

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