The Business Case for Sustainability

It can often seem like as consumers we only have the choice between bad and less bad when it comes to sustainable products. In order to protect our planet for the future, business- as the largest users of the worlds resources, needs to get on board. Here I have collected some videos to shed lightContinue reading “The Business Case for Sustainability”

Sustainable Snow Gear

While it seems simple enough to use natural fibres in your casual wear, technical outdoor performance wear has always been full of man-made materials and plastics, and that’s before we talk about how anything is made waterproof. Thankfully, brands are now stepping up to the challenge of producing technical wear out of recycled or alternativeContinue reading “Sustainable Snow Gear”

Review: Faith in Nature Conditioner

So I literally just tried this conditioner, having left all of my toiletries in the van in Croatia while on my brief break back home and having to buy new as neither my mother or boyfriend have any I can borrow a bit of. First impressions squeezing it out of the bottle: it smells awesome!Continue reading “Review: Faith in Nature Conditioner”

Choosing Wisely – Fresh Produce

We are all busy. It’s so easy to just pop to the supermarket and grab the first thing you see. But do you know what you’re buying? If you went to that farm would you be happy with what you saw? These were the questions I had. I knew that there were various accreditations thatContinue reading “Choosing Wisely – Fresh Produce”