Before I went to Slovenia I thought of it as the gateway to Eastern Europe, but in reality it is so much more than that. This small country has been in the EU since 2004, so is not that different to it’s surounding countries of Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. What this small country doesContinue reading “Slovenia”

Durmitor National Park

This UNESCO national park  in the north west of Montenegro is little heard of in the UK, but if you’re looking for somewhere new to go then this is a fabulous place that is definitely worth exploring. Zabljak is the nearest town and has everything you could need, a few restaurants, hostels, hotels and aContinue reading “Durmitor National Park”

Choosing Wisely – Fresh Produce

We are all busy. It’s so easy to just pop to the supermarket and grab the first thing you see. But do you know what you’re buying? If you went to that farm would you be happy with what you saw? These were the questions I had. I knew that there were various accreditations thatContinue reading “Choosing Wisely – Fresh Produce”