Everything Smells

Unfortunately the title is literal.

Before I went on my break back home I forgot to empty the fridge in the van. I thought it would be fine, everything was contained (milk, yogurt etc), but I was wrong.

I forgot about the butter.

The butter that I had left in the top of the door little shelf.

Once the power ran out that butter was living in 35 degree heat for 10 days, so inevitably melted everywhere. It leaked out of the door seal, it was all over the aforementioned milk and yoghurt bottles and it had also filled up the bottom of the main compartment.

It was pretty grim.

Having binned most stuff, including the whey that was left in the packet, while in a supermarket carpark, I went round what I could reach easily with a dettol wipe, but the carpark was quite crampped so the majority I had to leave until later.

That night we may have cooked with the ghee that was left in the top shelf before taking the shelf to the washing up area on the campsite to give it a proper clean and having another go with the wipes to stop all the surfaces feeling slimey.

A week later and I was in Dubrovnik but as I was parked for so long there wasn’t enough power for the fridge, so I used tubs of ice as a heat sink to keep the fridge cold  but I accidentally bought too much food for what I ended up eating (I booked myself into some trips and concerts etc that meant I wasn’t at the campsite during mealtimes). So that was still in my fridge when I went to Kotor.

This time it was my fault. I decided to charge my laptop instead of saving all my power for the fridge- I was just conscious of not having backed up my photo’s in ages. So I ran out of power, everything got a bit hot while I was exploring the town yesterday, so this afternoon I opened the fridge to bin the contents, knowing that it would be off, to find my lettuce was furry and, back to the title: everything stinks.

It has improved since I emptied the fridge out and dettoled again. But I also haven’t done washing in a while and the last campsite I was at had pretty poor facilities (ie I couldn’t figure out where the shower was / what belonged the the neighbours and was private.

Lesson learnt: Shop daily, make use of plugs in public places, no butter.

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