So I have a grand total of 4 days between Morocco and leaving the country for 5 months.

Probably should have left longer. I kinda just needed to sleep!

Having packed up all the equipment before I had gone, there was only ‘last minute things’ to pack. Turns out there is a lot more than you’d think- toiletries, clothes, electricals. I had had a test pack of the van too and was proud of myself for leaving an entire cupboard free, but obviously by the time I’d added all my last minute stuff I was jam packed.

Then I tried living in it.

On my first night in Dune du Pyla I was excited to be able to blog with a view over the ocean and turned on my laptop to do so… and plugged it in when it started getting low, and got nothing! I was so disappointed! But anyway- see my blog about my problems here.

As I was stationary for the first 4 days I thought it would be a good opportunity to understand if the current layout was working, if I had stored things in good places etc. However, because I wasn’t driving it meant that I could put the stuff that I needed access to on the front seat (which I had spun round to face the cabin) and therefore wasn’t really checking if the whole set up worked at all.

The first test really came when Adam came to stay for 4 days. Suddenly having to find somewhere to put a small suitcase too was quite challenging and being squished into such a small space was a bit stressful, so I was glad the weather was good and we could sort our lives out with all the doors open.

I think I have re-packed about 5 times now. When I replaced my kites they took up much more room so there was a phase when I had to move one every time I went to bed which got tiring quickly, and having purchased a spare paragliding reserve too I haven’t helped myself by consolidating at all.

When I saw my friends in Chamonix though they very kindly took a couple of bags home for me in their car so I think I’m back at where I started in terms of quantity.

Part of the problem is comparing with other people’s insta-vanlife. They can fit 2 people in a sprinter and make it look lovely and tidy- or at least everything fits in a cupboard. I need to stop being so hard on myself though because while there is only one of me, with my lower roof height I don’t have the internal storage capacity they do (hence roof box) but I am also carrying equipment for 7 different activities (or 6 if cycling and MTB aren’t different things in your book). The others also manage to always have enough power, but when they are living in the american desert they have many more hours of sunshine than we have been having in Europe and their panels are mahoosive where I’m limited by the top box.

I will eventually come up with a system that works, I’m nearly there, I just need to relegate some stuff to under the bed to speed up my bedtime routine.


In Summary: Life’s Messy, don’t believe what you see on Social Media


Happy Thoughts x

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