How to make the most of your New Years Resolutions

Happy 2019 everybody! I hope you all had a good holiday season and, if you are reading this, I’m going to assume that you are feeling a little lost in the January blues and trying to figure out what kind of goal you might set yourself to make this year awesome.

How to choose a New Years Resolution

First off, you need to know that you are already whole. You are a fabulous human with masses of potential. So there will be none of that “new year new you” rubbish. You are who you are meant to be. We can all strive for bettering ourselves, but you can not and should not try and change the fundamentals of who you are, one because you won’t be successful, and two because you will feel like a failure when you stop trying.

Instead, see the person that you want to be one day, and chose 1 thing that your imaginary future self does that is achievable for you, right now. Want to be a musician? Take a class and commit to attending every session. By simplifying our resolutions and breaking it down into manageable steps then we actually have a chance of achieving our goal, rather than getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge.

If you find in 3 months time that your resolution is holding and now a habit, you can add a new phase to it, maybe buy the instrument so you can practise at home too, for example. We seem to think that we can only change once a year, but that’s not true. Every day is an opportunity to make a new resolution or upgrade our existing ones.

Chose something you are passionate about

This is the main thing that you need to consider when you are choosing your resolution. It will keep you motivated even when it gets a bit tough or if giving up becomes tempting.

Perhaps instead of doing something for yourself, do something for other people. This will make both you and them feel good which gives you a little good vibes kickback too. If your struggling for motivation, having the extra guilt of letting someone else down can be just the thing you need, for example having a training buddy if you want to run a marathon.

Still stuck?

Here are some suggestions for New Years Resolutions for you:

  • Remember your reusable tote bags when you shop. No bag, don’t shop! Be strict with yourself and it will soon become habit.
  • Rationalise your wardrobe. Do you really need 10 jackets? Give what you don’t need to charity and then don’t buy more. If you do need a new thing, try looking in charity shops first. Lets get a circular economy going!
  • Buy local. Get your food from your local farmers markets and shops. Keep the highstreet alive and gets you much tastier, in season and healthier food. Can also be cheaper and tends to have less packaging!
  • Walk to work. Or use public transport. Or lift share. Just try and make 1 less journey by car.
  • Support a charity. Get involved in local events such as beach cleans, or set up a direct debit donation.
  • Learn something new. A sport, a skill, a hobby. Whatever you fancy!
  • Stop gift giving. Give experiences instead! There’s much less wrapping paper involved and you can share the experience with them, getting to spend more time with that favourite person.
  • Cut down on beauty products. Often they are self perpetuating and reducing how much you use can mean you need less of them, saving you time every morning and money too. You can also switch to more natural products, or those that come in more environmentally friendly packaging.


Got some ideas now?

Let me know your resolutions in the comments!


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