In May I completed a 100 mile cycle from Cardiff to Tenby. Gorgeous day, we knew we’d be slow so set off an hour early. Such lovely camaraderie from all the others doing it.
Considering I’d done no training, I was still feeling suprisingly OK by Swansea and was looking forward to the finish when the hills struck. The road from Kidwelly to Carmarthern was my nemesis. After much walking, a few tears, some Smarties and an energy gel, I finally managed to get into a groove.

IMG_20170507_060852_243Having managed to get through all the Carmarthern roundabouts without stopping curtesy of the motorbike gang that stopped the traffic (and were really quite intimidating). The hills on the dual carriage way and old road to Red Roses were long but managable it was just a case of slogging up them. I even over took a guy on a mountain bike 🙂

I managed to burst into tears the minute I saw the Welcome to Tenby sign, which was pretty embarrasing considering all the previous finishers were wandering around outside pubs etc in their finishers tshirts clearly having showered already, but was so pleased with myself for getting to the end.

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