Review: Dr Organics Shampoo and Conditioner

I never get through Shampoo and conditioner at the same rate, so I started one bottle a bit earlier than the other.

For the past few months, with the cold spells the UK has been experiencing, my hair has been really dry with crispy ends. I read that SLS, ALS and Parabens can strip the hair of its natural protective oils so I decided to find products that don’t contain these.

I have also been looking for more ethical haircare products, which you can read more about here.

I was originally concerned that the conditioner wouldn’t be powerful enough to re-moisturise my hair after using a regular SLS containing shampoo, but overall I’m quite pleased with the results, however the experience is a bit different.

My previous conditioner had a ‘silky’ texture as I put it on, that gave you confidence that my hair would be smooth and moisturised when I finished. Dr Organics doesn’t have this and with retrospect made me consider that silky feeling I got with the other to be a bit greasy. On first use I was quite worried that my hair would be dry and in a poor state when I finished.

However, the silky/greasy was good at detangling, so that is a bit more of a challenge now, especially as my hair is pretty thick. I have found that brushing it before I shower is a good way around this, to make sure that I can spread the conditioner all the way through my hair.

Another thing to note is that the smell is really strong, like hits-you-in-the-sinuses overwhelming. I guess because there isn’t a residue for the smell to stick to when you have finished, having it strong on application is the only way to make that smell stick around once your hair is dry- by which point it’s actually really nice.

Once out of the shower, I kept my routine the same as normal (ie drip dry, maybe plait it, maybe leave it down). I really didn’t like how it felt while it was damp, again I think due to the lack of silky residue, but once it was dry I was surprised by just how soft my hair was. It had the softness I find like I’d been swimming in salt water, without the dry scalp or salt deposits. It also felt stronger and healthier than it had done previously when it was dry and crispy, I don’t worry that half of it will break off when I run a brush through it anymore (although persistence still required to detangle)!

When using the shampoo and conditioner together I have found the shampoo feels just like any other shampoo, lathers up well and my hair does seem to be clean and grease-free when I’m done. If anything I think the shampoo and conditioner work better together than separately.

I tested the Pomegranate Flavour, but there is a broad range to suit your tastes. This is one of the most easily available SLS, ALS and Paraben free hair care ranges, which you can find on most UK highstreets in Holland and Barrett.

Unfortunately the plastic bottle shape is not conducive to leaving the bottle upside down for when you want to get the very last dregs out, as the lid is quite small. However the small opening the cream comes out of is good for making sure that you only use what you need and not any unintended extra.

The bottles are a little on the small side, only containing 250ml and are quite pricey for that quantity. For example in Tesco: Herbal Essences, Treseme and Pantene are all in the region of 50-80p/100ml, Dr Organic is £2.39/100ml in Holland and Barrett.

In summary, I think this has given me confidence that SLS/ALS/Paraben free haircare can give good results, but I will try some other brands next time I run out as the price and packaging could be improved.

I have no affiliation with the brand, products or retailers listed above, so you know this review is my genuine opinion.

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