The Countdown Begins

I’m excited and nervous all in the same breath.

Yesterday was my last day of work so now it is countdown to leaving time.

The main problem is that I ended up talking about my plans to so many people and there were basically 2 types of reaction.

“Wow your so brave I could never travel alone”

“I’m so jealous”

The second is a good reaction for me, it confirms that I am doing the right thing and that everything will be fine (not that I need their approval but you know it helps).

But the first started to sew seeds of doubt in my mind.

Am I under-prepared?

What if I can’t find a shop?

Will I get lonely?

I really don’t know how to fix the electrics in my van well enough on my own do I?

What if I don’t get something right and someone starts shouting at me in a language I don’t understand?

FOMO for all the adventures my friends will be having while I’m gone…

These are all things that I always knew were possibilities but I have been carefully glazing over and pushing to the back of my mind. All of these things are surmountable. And I have a bit of a plan to avoid most of them being a big problem.

But still… They are concerns


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