New Directions


Just to let you know why there are new posts going up that aren’t necessarily directly related to my adventures!

Part of my goals for this trip is to explore my more creative side that has been parked since school in favour of sciences. I used to love art and music but the very sensible teenager that I was decided that I’d never make a proper living out of that stuff so didn’t really pursue it (except the rebel in me that chose art in my IB having not done it for GCSE).

Since I smushed my wrist (techinical term that!) in Canada I have been really itching to get my hands on a piano again, but as that would put my van over the weight limit of my driving license, I am making do with arty stuff instead.

Even when I was younger I used to pain mostly with acrylic so that I have only watercolours with me is proving to be a bit challenging, and it doesn’t help when I decide to try and paint a white building! Turns out that there is no brush fine enough to paint a telegraph wire and actually I’m just not very good so going to need a lot more practise!

Now I have my laptop up and running again I also have access to Photoshop and have been trying my hand at illustration. I did a bunch of online tutorials before I left but seem to have forgotten most of what I learnt so will probably have to do them again before I have anything worthy of public viewing!

I also have a few ideas for books floating around my head, so would like to give them a go. I guess I’m just a bit cautious of “putting myself out there” because unlike a maths equation that has a right and a wrong answer, creative industries rely on people subjectively liking what it is that you do- which is pretty scary! Especially when I have read too much stuff on forums that suggest that maybe like every other opinion there is always someone out there ready to cut you down…

In the mean time I’m also going to be reviewing things I like, a bit haphazard but you don’t have to read them if you don’t want, they will be kept in the review section I’m about to add to the menu at the top of the home page.

Quick question: Do you like that the homepage has the “absolutely everything feed” on it or now that I’m diversifying should the homepage be simpler so you go to the relevant category to read the bits you are interested in? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below


Ciao for now!

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