The Wails of Whales

The recent story about the whales beaching in New Zealand has got to me a bit this weekend.

No-one knows what causes them to beach but there are a number of theories out there, from suicide to the Benz.

What I find astonishing, is that there are a few cases where whale beaching have happened conspicuously close to submarine excersise, one within 4 hours of them turning on the midrange frequency.  There have been court cases against the US navy that have settled out of court yet they are still plowing ahead with the use of sonar.

Microplastics have got a little more coverage recently and there is a chance that the whales have become ill due to the food they’ve eaten.

Changing routes for currents as the oceans warm up may have resulted in them following this water into shallower than usual locations.

Either way, there’s a pretty high chance that humans have a hand in this.

As human beings we have no more claim to the planet than any other creature, but we have taken over so need to be conscious of our impact and make the best decisions for the entire planetary ecosystem. Anything short of this is pure arrogance.

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