Capturing Experiences

Whenever you do something that might be once-in-a-lifetime, you want to make sure you capture it. Whether to prove you really did it, or were really there; to show your friends, or for your own memory bank, taking photos is part of travelling.

While getting that Insta-perfect shot is important to some, I found that my phone camera struggled to do justice to the views I was seeing, so before I hit the road I treated myself to a  mirrorless DSLR and some training to learn how to use it.

I spent the weekend with Explorer’s Connect and Adventurelands Photography in the New Forest last February, talking about how to use the manual settings, allowing you to really get the most out of the expensive pieces of kit every one had with them.


On my travels I saw some amazing places and took photos of some of the most beautiful sunsets and locations that I have ever seen. I would never say I am now an expert photographer, I learn something new every day, but I feel like I am starting to get results I’m pretty proud of.

A lot of my time away I was focused on the sport and activity side of things and that is what most of the blog covers, but I did spend a fair amount of time just exploring and recording my locations too.

In the spirit of trying to see if I could make ongoing travel financially viable, I found a website where I can upload my photos that makes them available for sale as stock images.

I was pretty nervous when I started putting pictures up. What if they weren’t good enough? But as my pictures got more likes, or got selected for partner websites, my confidence has grown and I’m really glad I have done it, even if I haven’t made a sale yet.

To see my gallery, click here.

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