Knee Injury, Part 2: MRI results

So if you have no idea why I’m writing this post perhaps check out the previous post about what injury I’ve sustained here.

So I just got back from the hospital and its actually good news thankfully!

So my MCL is damaged, that is where all the pain and instability in my knee is coming from. At the moment I still don’t have a full range of movement, I can’t straighten it fully and while walking it is liable to losing stability, which is really painful, but I can hobble around on it so that’s progress.

It seems like my shoulder pain is not from rotator cuff ligament issues after all, but a bone bruise, from my humorous hitting my scapula in the fall. I don’t quite understand why both bones aren’t equally bruised, and I had no idea you could hurt yourself so badly by effectively hitting yourself! A quick google search tells me this will take 2 to 4 months to heal.

However, my ACL is not damaged so I don’t need surgery! This is such a relief, I was worrying about whether I’d have to go home, but I should be able to get back to snowboarding again in just 4 weeks time.

Recovery and Next Steps

So while I was there today I was measured for a knee brace. The one I have at the moment completely immobilises the knee joint so I can’t bend it at all. The new brace is articulated so I can enjoy a full range of movement again, but prevents the knee from moving laterally and thereby protecting the ligaments. I will need to wear the brace full time for the next few weeks, and during snowboarding and other sports for a while longer.

So apart from collecting my brace next week and a follow up just before I go back to boarding, I just have to wait for the healing process to happen.

While I’m waiting for that to happen, I’m trying to finally sort out all the photos from the summer trip as well as teaching myself a bunch of new things. While I’m not huge on the New Years Resolutions, it turns out it is a good time of year to get deals on heavily discounted online courses, such as at Entrepreneur Store and Future Learn.

Also, as a slight tangent; I found an insulated skirt today and I blooming love it! I always thought they were a bit pointless, but as I have to wear leggings with this big foamy brace my other leg and bum were getting cold whenever I left the house. That is no longer the case with my fleece lined padded bum coat!!

Hopefully, it won’t be long before I see you on the slopes again

H x

To read what happened next, click here.

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