Bristol to London Paddleboard

We start a whole new adventure tommorow!

Bristol to London is 260km and is going to take us 9 days to complete. It’s the first time I’ve done an expedition with Adam and his first expedition ever.

It’s exciting and scary and daunting, especially when I just looked at the map!

It’s so far!

We are doing it for a good cause though: the MSA Trust. They have been a massive support to Adams family while his dad was unwell, so we’ve been planning this trip since January.

Covid obviously got in the way a bit, but when Adam’s dad passed away last month we just had to do it.

It’s a horrible life limiting condition that is really rare so there’s very little known about it. The MSA Trust funds research into causes and cures and are the only charity in the UK to do so.

To donate please visit our just giving page:

To track our progress please follow my social media accounts @trektradewinds on Instagram and Facebook

You can watch our preparation here:

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