Taking Control

Hi everyone!

Up until now I’ve been a pretty rubbish blogger. Hardly any posts and all so long after they actually happened that some of the high at the time had worn off.

This year though, I’m taking control. I have evaluated what I enjoy in life, what I’m passionate about, and as a result the focus of this little patch of www will be changing its tone.


I want to write about all my adventures, no matter how small and mundane. About my personal journey to becoming more involved in the outdoor adventure world, and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same. And finally about discovering my environmental impact.

My adventures are varied but hopefully I do something you enjoy. Doing such a variety does mean I’m not particularly amazing at anything, but that’s kind of the point: you don’t need to be good at stuff to enjoy doing it! Just get out there and give it a go.

With the environmental stuff, I’m not turning eco-warrior, I just want to make better choices. Up until now I have been complacent but it bothers me that I don’t know more about the food I’m buying or the products I use, so I’m on a mission to educate myself, which I intend to share with all of you too.

So what’s your plan?


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