Giving up something you love

In the second week of my Kitesurf trip to Morrocco I had a bad day. This is what I wrote at the time; I think I’m about to give up kitesurfing and I dont know if its for the right reasons. I first picked up a kite at uni 8 years ago, but the instructorsContinue reading “Giving up something you love”

Kitesurfing in Morocco

I have joined Blast Kiteboarding for their annual 2 week trip to Essaouira in Morocco to try and remind myself how to kite and get my confidence back before I set out on my roadtrip. As guests of Explora, we had access to beach-side storage which made logistics much easier and also they were onContinue reading “Kitesurfing in Morocco”

Costa Rica

The most amazing wildlife and scenery! This was the first solo trip outside of Europe so was a little nervous when I set out, but then the practicalities of getting yourself where you need to be on time for flights distracted me enough that I didn’t really think about it until I was on theContinue reading “Costa Rica”