Netflix Documentaries

It turns out that Netflix is not only good for binge-watching the latest headline series, they have also got loads of informative documentaries, including some they have funded themselves.

I’m planning on keeping this page up to date with the latest films I have watched rather than creating a whole post about each one. I don’t yet know enough to have a personal opinion on every topic, so at this stage I’m just finding everything [fascinating/shocking/upsetting] (delete as applicable) and contemplating how my actions impact [the topic].

So have you watched any of these? What did you think? What are you going to do to reduce your impact?

Before the Flood – Leonardo Di Caprio exploring the global threats of climate change and what is being done about it, as he steps up to become a UN ambassador for the Environment.

Rotten – Series exploring the threats to US food industry, be that environmental, foreign imports, fraudsters and more.

Minimalism – The story of 2 guys who have reduced their personal possessions to extreme, why, and the impact on their mental health.

Chasing Coral – Follows a team of photographers and researchers trying to capture timelapse of the 2016 coral bleaching event to see the extent and speed of it.

True Cost – Where do our clothes come from and what pressures are fast fashion putting on the developing countries that produce the clothes?

A Plastic Ocean – Introduction to ocean plastic problem

Sustainable – Small scale farming and chefs joining forces to create wholesome sustainable food

Cowspiracy – Meat farming (particularly beef) is the highest producer of C02 emissions yet none of the US environmental groups are talking about it?

Seaspiracy– By the same maker as Cowspiracy, looks at the impact of large scale fishing. For the UK context, it doesn’t look at small fishing boats work, or at line-caught for comparison, but it does look at the industrial and international issues. If you’re buying seafood, get it at a fishmonger with known origin rather than in a tin or from the supermarket.

Tales by Light – Series where Photographers and Film Makers use their craft to shed light on issues around the planet from child labour to shark fishing.

Kiss the Ground – Looks at the importance and impact of soil structure for sustainable farming

The Social Dilemma – Social Media Apps are free, yet they make loads of money? That means you as a user are the commodity for sale. Do you feel like you are making your own decisions or are the powerful people behind the advertising actually controlling you?

Coded Bias – Algorithms are programmed based on the biases of the programmers, what impact could that have on our freedoms, opportunities and privacy?


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