Japanese Waste

One of the interesting thing I find when I go to other countries is to compare how they go about their day-to-day lives differently to home and to see if there is anything we can learn. Japan has one of the most extensive recycling systems in the world, but it also varies by prefecture and…

Sustainable Snow Gear

While it seems simple enough to use natural fibres in your casual wear, technical outdoor performance wear has always been full of man-made materials and plastics, and that’s before we talk about how anything is made waterproof. Thankfully, brands are now stepping up to the challenge of producing technical wear out of recycled or alternative…

Crash Course: Ecology and Environment

    I really enjoy Crash Course on youtube to give me the general overview of topics I am unfamiliar with. They zoom through the subject so you cover lots of ground in a very short time frame but they also use good examples and analogies to make the content accessible. It’s a great starting…

Netflix Documentaries

The films and shows I have been watching to learn more about human’s environmental impact

Muscle Atrophy

I knew that being inactive for 3 weeks would make me weaker but the pain has been much more in the forefront of my mind than any potential atrophy.