Crash Course: Ecology and Environment

    I really enjoy Crash Course on youtube to give me the general overview of topics I am unfamiliar with. They zoom through the subject so you cover lots of ground in a very short time frame but they also use good examples and analogies to make the content accessible. It’s a great starting…

Netflix Documentaries

The films and shows I have been watching to learn more about human’s environmental impact

Muscle Atrophy

I knew that being inactive for 3 weeks would make me weaker but the pain has been much more in the forefront of my mind than any potential atrophy.

ACL/MCL Injury: Snowboarding into a Tree

So if you follow my instagram feed you will know that I got injured. View this post on Instagram Pretty bummed out MCL, possibly ACL 6weeks or surgery Will find out the verdict next week #accidentprone #sneakytree #kneeinjury #hopeful A post shared by Helen Read (@trektradewinds) on Jan 3, 2019 at 9:24pm PST On New…

How to make the most of your New Years Resolutions

Happy 2019 everybody! I hope you all had a good holiday season and, if you are reading this, I’m going to assume that you are feeling a little lost in the January blues and trying to figure out what kind of goal you might set yourself to make this year awesome. How to choose a…